About Us

Based on the “Build -  Operate – Transfer” methodology and the Mobile and International Telephone Exchange Gateway Agreement between Rumeli Telekom A.Ş and TRNC     Ministry of Transportation and Prosperity, KKTC Telsim was founded in August 1995 and in a near-record time finished its preparations by 23 October 1995 to ultimately start signing subscriptions.

KKTC Telsim, with the objective of providing service in the GSM (Global System for Mobile) sector, became operational in August 1995 and entered the constitution of Vodafone Group with the commercial title “Vodafone Mobile Operations Limited” on 23 August 2006.

A “2G and 3G Licence Agreement” between TRNC Ministry of Transportation and Prosperity and Vodafone Mobile Operations Limited was signed and has been active since 4 July 2008.