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Red Bronze Red Silver Red Gold Red Diamond
Price119 TL 169 TL 229 TL 359 TL
Data5 GB 10 GB 20 GB 20 GB
OnnetUnlimited calls to Telsim
RoamingFree roaming for 5 daysFree roaming for 15 days
Minutes500 min1.000 min 1.500min 4.000 min + 1.000min
Minute directionsAll local direction,TR,VFAll local direction,TR,VFAll local direction,TR,VFAll local direction,TR,VF
SMS1.000 SMS1.000 SMS1.000 SMS4.000 SMS

Red Bronze, Silver and Gold tariffs include 1000 SMS to all directions, Red Diamond tariff includes 4000 SMS to all directions.

Red tariff prices are with a 12 month contract and have fixed price guarantee during the contract period.

Minutes can be used in call to all local directions, Turkey and abroad. For details you can read the RED Terms section.

Click for details of SuperNet home internet campaign in addittion to the tariff.

  • RED Terms and Conditions
    • If the minutes included in the tariff are used up, excess usage will be charged at standart rates.
    • When the contract period ends, prices without a contract will be in effect.
    • *All of the minutes in Red Bronze, Red Silver, Red Gold tariffs and 1000 minutes of Red Diamond tariff are valid for calls to all local directions, Turkey and abroad***, 4000 minutes of Red Diamond tariff are valid for calls to all local directions and Turkey.
    • Abroad***: Germany, America, US, UK, Italy, France(SFR), Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Malta, Albania, Egypt, Qatar, Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, South Africa and South Cyprus.
    • If the minutes for calling overseas included in the tariff are used up, excess usage will be charged at standart roaming rates.
    • **Roaming: All inclusive passport (Her Şey Dahil Pasaport) feature is used free of charge. With this feature minutes, SMS and data can be used as it would locally in 51 countries. All details:
    • If the subscribers in this campaign cancel the campaign with their own will, change their tariff to a non eligible one, cancel, transfer or freeze their line, transfer to prepaid line or have their lines suspended or deactivated by Vodafone Mobile Operations Ltd, they will lose the right to benefit from the campaign. In this case the early termination fee will be included in their next bill.
    • 1 GB additional data bundle is just 10 TL exclusive for Red subscribers. The bundle can be purchased through call center, Telsim Shops or by texting “Red1GB” to 8484. The bundle is automatically renewed monthly.
    • Excess usage is charged at standart rates as follows: Up to 1 GB extra usage, each 100 MB is charged 9 TL. After 1 GB / 90 TL, each 1 GB is charged 10 TL. You can purchase additional data bundles through *2121# USSD menu, 548 call center or nearest Telsim Shop.
    • Any additional content service will be additionally charged.
    • When data quota is reached abroad, if you have additional data bundle it will be activated, if not excess usage will be charged at roaming rates.
    • In minutes usage, priority will be in the minutes included in the tariff.
    • Campaign subscription is instant. If the subscriber is not in an eligible tariff for the campaign and want to switch to an eligible campaign in a future date, then the campaign can start at a future date/next month.
    • In instant new tariff subscriptions, the first month’s bill will be calculated according to the number of days left in that month from the date of the subscription.
    • Vodafone Mobile Operations Ltd. Reserves the right to change tariff/bundle/campaign conditions and pricing.  
    • Subscribers can learn remaining minutes, sms and data by texting KALAN/kalan to 8484.

  • Who can benefit?

    New and existing consumer / enterprise subscribers can benefit from the campaign.

  • How can I benefit?

    Requests can be made at Telsim shops or by calling Telsim call center 4440542.

  • Campaign Dates

    Red Diamond Start: 7 June 2016

    Red Diamond End: “ - “

    Red Bronze, Gold, Silver Start: 5 Aug 2016

    End: “-“

  • Campaign Cancellation Conditions

    Subscribers can cancel their packages at Telsim shops or Telsim call center 4440542. If contracted subscribers want to cancel their plans before their commitment period has ended, they will have to pay the discount amount 50 TL x number of months of usage as early termination fee.